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Press - NAMM Product Review

“THIS….is “THE BEST” new product of the show! I know…it sounds funny but……WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK? Of course you should hang your guitars in your closet. What a brilliant idea! There is also a safety factor here. I was robbed once and they took everything, but didn’t bother to look in my closet  who would?-. Congratulations to these guys for following through on a wild-hare idea!” - Namm Product Review:

“1- The Guitar Hanger  Here is where we start our coverage of the latest innovations in guitar stand technology.

The first entry is the Guitar Hanger which is, well, a hanger for your guitar. Since guitarists are likely to have more guitars than shirts it's a great way to make use of that underutilized closet space.”

Modern Guitars Magazine - Namm Product Review

“Modern Guitars contributors Jesse Stern and Les July hit the ground running on day one of the 2009 Winter NAMM Show”

The Music Trades Magazine - New Products (search- “Hanger”)



THE GUITAR HANGER solves a problem experienced by beginning guitarists and touring pros alike: safe, easy-access temporary storage. The Guitar Hanger allows players to store their guitars anywhere there’s a closet rod. Its non-mechanical locking yoke holds the guitar securely in place.

Home studio musicians will love The Guitar Hanger because it allows them to switch guitars in less than ten seconds. It’s great for beginners because it keeps the guitar ready to play rather than in a case under the bed, where it’s more likely to be “forgotten” and left unplayed. For all guitarists it keeps the guitar quickly accessible without risking leaning it against the couch, and it eliminates worry about pets or children knocking it off a floor stand. And for guitar dealers, it givesguitarists a new reason to come into the store.

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Harmony Central - Namm 2009 product review video w/Mats Nermark - Fuzz Magazine

Go down to Hall E: Madness in the Basement  right below Ibanez-

Min 5:56 to 7:20

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